Johnny Jackson used to be a famous film director, but his brother Duke was a hero. Just turned 75, JJ is heading home from exile in Japan for one last blockbuster. But going home means revisiting the past and Johnny’s past is a disturbing place. The dead aren’t going to tell any tales, but someone else just might.


The Accidental Recluse is one of the Scottish Book Trust’s 28 Scottish Novels to Look Forward to in 2018.

‘Contemporary Japan, Sixties London, the Highlands of Scotland are all expertly delineated by this talented novelist. This is a fast-paced story with snappy dialogue and an absorbing narrative that mixes humour with pathos.’ The Independent (full review).

‘McCulloch’s characterisation of Johnny is complex but handled with as light a touch as the lean, tight storytelling which makes this such a pleasure to read… McCulloch resists the easy route of sentimentality and showy, crowd-pleasing catharsis. The climactic confrontation with the ghosts of his past is, when it comes, wilfully underplayed, and all the better for it.’ Alistair Mabbott, The Herald (full review)

‘The Accidental Recluse is truly inspiring in its ability to create and develop its characters. Tom McCulloch is a very talented writer and his ability his showcased well in this book.’ Scottish Field

‘Tragic, compelling, and undeniably humorous… Equal parts funny and heartbreaking, The Accidental Recluse is a book that will stay with you…’ Justine Bottles, I Should Read That

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