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Welcome to the website of Scottish novelist and poet Tom McCulloch. Here you can find information on Tom’s novels, short stories and poetry, as well as latest news.

Sandstone Press published Tom’s latest novel in March 2018. The Accidental Recluse is a tale about brothers, lovers and all that’s lost in the longing to get what you want.

The Stillman, Tom’s 2014 debut novel, received excellent reviews. It earned Tom the accolade of Amazon Rising Star. Tom followed this up with A Private Haunting in 2016, garnering him acclaim as a ‘blistering new talent on the literary scene.’

Latest Posts


April 10th, 2021

He made ratatouille – he liked it, liked saying it, ratatouille, it sounded matter of fact, you want veg, here’s your veg, a plate flung down like that first time he’d had it, Paris ...

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The promise of return

April 2nd, 2020

I am standing at the front door, clapping the NHS workers. Last September, before such things became impossible, we took a journey, my dad and I. Up West. That directional point back to childhood. A b...

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Little Pork Pie Man

July 28th, 2019

I see him again. In the supermarket. Little pork pie man. Always that two-tone hat. But it’s not The Selecter or The Specials leaching out the phones. I hear rawwwk. Whitesnake, I’m sure. First time I...

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