Blue bruised morning. Driving sleet, stun of orange above the Wytham Woods skyline. The road has become a single track. Traffic vanished. Ghost Poet on the CD and so many others in my head. Those haunted lines, picking me out again. Swing the wheel. Career across these sodden fields and keep on going. So many winters. […] Read More →
5 hours from Oban on a Calmac ferry that reminds me of a sports centre c. 1987. But there’s still a romance about ferries. I love them. Until I’m doing the Buster Keaton stagger with my lunch in my throat. A small fortune could have bought us plane tickets. There’s romance in the turbo-prop too; […] Read More →
The pull of the Himalayas, the Alps, high peaks of all the world, I get it. It’s the all-conquering stuff I don’t. Man against nature. A world for wannabe Bears. Grylls that is. What a weird conceit. Imagine telling Basho you’d ‘conquered’ a mountain. A roar of laughter, sake everywhere. Or John Muir. Biting his […] Read More →