I’d rather watch Paw Patrol than the news. This pleases my daughter. I know that some parents choose to talk about world affairs with young children. But I’ll let her watch the cute pups for now, she’ll see the rabid dogs soon enough. And I get to sing along with the theme tune as I […] Read More →
On the periphery the perspectives are more pronounced. Looking in means introspection of a fundamental kind- five drams and Glen Campbell on an ancient jukebox. Looking out means to dream of elsewhere, to exist in a place before you get there. Growing up I grew tired of looking in. I wanted Europe and beyond. I’m […] Read More →
Somewhere on the west coast of Scotland. Late-December a few years back after an aborted hike. Dropping down in the car towards a loch and there in a swift-closing distance a plane, forty feet above the churning grey water. A Tornado fighter-bomber. The RAF, war gaming in the twisting glens, a strange stand-in for the epic flatness […] Read More →